35 reasons to love myself

Last year I was horribly depressed about turning 35 so I set myself this task. A year to come up with 35 reasons to love myself.

I only managed 33.

So in no particular order:

  1. I have a cute nose.
  2. I have nice feet.
  3. I’m good to my mother.
  4. I have never shoplifted.
  5. I try not to fart around other people.
  6. I like cats but not more than people.
  7. I have nice full, kissable lips.
  8. I tidy up after myself.
  9. If I use the last of the toilet roll I replace it with a new one (assuming I can find them, if not at home).
  10. I like to make people laugh.
  11. I’m a pretty good listener.
  12. I will admit when I don’t know what I am talking about.
  13. I don’t equate money with success.
  14. I value the arts.
  15. I don’t keep a tab when it comes to friends.
  16. I donate to charity when I can.
  17. I am not particularly vain.
  18. I give great hugs.
  19. Ducks make me happy.
  20. I really like sex.
  21. I have been repeatedly complimented on my blow job techniques.
  22. I love unreservedly.
  23. I have a filthy sense of humour.
  24. I make pretty accessories.
  25. I’m not interested in lables.
  26. I try to say what I think.
  27. I have been known to try things that scare me,
  28. I will not settle for an average suburban life.
  29. I can call my Mother my friend.
  30. I am not afraid to take a chance and tell someone how I feel about them.
  31. I am capable of creating intelligent, enjoyable theatre.
  32. While I would like to find love I am not prepared to let it engulf me.
  33. People respect me.
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  • Giuls Driver

    34. You have conviction to follow your dreams
    35. You’re bloody lovely to work with.

  • Jaye-bird

    Giuls, you are too sweet x

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