Shorty is turning 41!

So my year of being 40 is almost over – tomorrow at 7.13am, I turn 41 – and on the whole (national and international politics aside) it’s been a good one. I started it by heading to Barcelona (so I could turn this scary milestone into an adventure – I’d only been abroad 6 times before) and I ended it by going to Berlin to see the amazing 1927′s new double bill with Komische Opera (again this felt like a real treat). I’ve made some good decisions (starting an MA) and some bad decisions (cutting off my lovely long blonde hair). Swings and roundabouts.

I guess I have already talked a little about my year of change and, I hope growth.

What’s next? More art. As much art as I can find time and head space for, as much art as I can stand. I want to say yes to everything, I know that isn’t always possible, but I want this next two years to change me. I want to read about, watch and participate in art, go to dance classes, singing lessons and generally make as much art as I can.

Shorty is turning 41. Bring it on.

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