I was asked to write an invitation for Devoted & Disgruntled’s event in Leeds this coming week. So I did.

It comes from a place of worrying that we just keep talking to the same people and that the people we need to talk to or we need to talk to us wouldn’t come to this event, so I wanted to make rather more personal invitation. I believe in these events. I think they are important. I wanted new people to feel that they could come and that there would be at least one other person there they would know/could speak to. The trouble is that I don’t know exactly how we get it out to those people we don’t know…

but this is what I wrote.

Are you interested in/excited by/frustrated by/angered by theatre in the North (and nationally)?


You should definitely come to Devoted & Disgruntled North at West Yorkshire Playhouse on 9th & 10th January because it is the best chance you will ever get to have your ideas/questions/grievances heard, and heard by theatre makers, programmers, funders and hopefully audiences – all under one roof. You’ll get to have your say and maybe something good will come of it. Even if it is just getting ‘that thing’ off your chest.

This event allows EVERYONE to have their say. As the people who turn up get to set the agenda everyone is allowed to present their thoughts, ask a burning question(or two or three), give their opinion, and maybe even get answers and inspire action.

But you have to BE THERE to do this. Give one or maybe two days of your time and £5 (to cover the tea and biscuits, which flows all day until everyone heads to the pub).

You might be worrying about fitting in or standing out?

If it makes it easier, I will be there, you could come and say Hi to me when you get there. I’m pretty friendly. I’m on Twitter too (@kearneyjaye). You could introduce yourself there first, if you like. There’s a pretty clear photo of me so you should be able to recognise me on the day too.

And I am just one of the many lovely, passionate, intelligent people I could introduce you to, but once the day gets going you won’t need my help with that.

So,please come.

It’s going to take all of us to sort out what we’re going to do about theatre and we need all kinds of people to do it.We probably won’t solve it all in two days but we can make a start.

And you never know, you might even enjoy it.


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