Making a space for grief

The Reservation is one of my proudest achievements.

Getting the chance to perform The Reservation again at Wrought Festival last month was a pleasure, a privilege. I understand that it is a small space for a big experience that we create and as I type up the audience feedback I am reminded of this over and over again. I am filled with pride and occasionally, moved to tears. For every audience member who says something like,

“This work is about really important conversations that people need to have about things that affect our everyday lives. It is powerfully cathartic in a way that all theatre performance hopes to be. I want to say thank you very much for this experience.”

my faith in the work and it’s importance is renewed. I want to thank them all individually but recently when I have bumped into them at other arts events, they have smiled, thanked me and often hugged me.  I hope they will remember it for a long time. The experience certainly stays with me long after the final performance is over.

(I really hope we get to do this again)

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