Meet my Imaginary Friend

A drawing of Amit Lahav's imaginary friendIn preparation for my show One, I am thinking about loneliness.

  • I am thinking about how to populate an empty space, how to bring more than just myself to the stage.
  • I am thinking about my childhood, being an only child.
  • I am thinking about Imaginary Friends and why we invent them.

I never had one so I am thinking about collecting stories of other people’s Imaginary Friends.

Please tell me about an Imaginary Friend you or someone you know has/had. If you didn’t ever have one as a child, what would your imaginary friend be like if you invented one now? What would they look like? What special skills/powers would they have?

At this point I am unsure exactly if/how this might be used but anything you do choose to tell me may be referred to on this blog and/or in the show. If you would prefer me not to use your name please tell me and I will make sure that I do not.

Please email all responses to: and please feel free to forward on to others.

Thank you.


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