New post – new material

So after being nagged by my mother (MY MOTHER!!!) to “update my blog” it
occurred to me that I hadn’t mentioned my performance this week.Transform brochure

I am very lucky to be part of the Emerge Night at
Transform at West Yorkshire Playhouse this Thursday evening at 7pm.

The Emerge Night is all about looking back over the last year and sharing the work developed by the three commissioned artists – me, Ollie Smith and
Odd Doll. We will each show around 10 minutes of work in progress.

It is also about looking forward at the future of the Emerge programme of development and what that means for the coming year and will be hosted by the lovely Dick Bonham, who is the heart and soul of Emerge.

So, you should probably come along… I need an audience to try out a new participatory section on. After all, this show doesn’t actually work without you. Yes, you.

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