Wherever I Lay My Hat

A co-production with ARC, Maltings Theatre and Theatre Royal Newcastle

In the dolls house we are rearranging the furniture looking for the configuration that will make the perfect home.

The space is strewn with cardboard boxes. Each box holds a story, an object, or a feeling strongly connected with a sense of ‘home’. We sift through the debris. A rocking chair, cups of tea and the spot where the Christmas tree used to stand. We disturb the dust, unearth a memory, rediscover a long lost treasure… it’s all here. The remnants of our lives.

Not all of these are the performers own and not all of them may be true but the end result is a bittersweet and occasionally funny patchwork of multiple perspectives and stories guaranteed to make you feel homesick.

Rabbit Damage was the Bridging the Gap Associate Company 2010. The company at the time comprised of Jaye Kearney and Jill Chambers. Through the scheme we successfully developed the piece with Tom Walton and toured to the three partner venues.

Publicity image by Anthony Farrimond

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