Something to sing about

I started a six week singing course this week.

I may not have told you this but I always wanted to be in musicals (as an adult the idea of doing the same show 7/8 times a week for months on end sounds a lot less fun than I imagined as a child). I loved them and I sang ALL the time but I was always aware that I didn’t sound like the people I heard so I convinced myself I wasn’t a singer.

At drama school the only time anyone noticed me was when I sang but by then they had destroyed my confidence and I couldn’t ‘perform’ my songs. Even now when I do karaoke I still battle with the paralyzing desire to get it right. I just can’t relax and bring the swagger that I have in my kitchen when I sing while washing the pots.

So I suppose on this singing course I want to learn to share my enjoyment of singing as much as relearn some techniques.

We’re going to do a couple of different genres a week so after testing the water with Imagine this week, next week is Pop (Adele – Make You Feel My Love) and Jazz (The Way You Look Tonight)… I’d like to see us do some more upbeat tunes. I’ve already  come up with a long list of fun ideas for future weeks (they’re going to hate me aren’t they?) to get people going a bit more. It’s all a bit tentative so far.

I’m sure there will be plenty more to say. After this singing course I think I would like to do another. There is one in learning to read music, which would be useful, I think.  It’s all part of the master plan to #bemorecreative.

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