Taking the protest to Latitude

It’s great to be returning to Latitude later this week. It’s been 6 years since I was last at the festival. I am especially excited to be returning as a performer with SBC Theatre and Leeds Beckett Performing Arts with Stand and Be Counted.

It’s been invigorating to be back in a collaborative space, making work with new people, being directed by Dan and Rosie – instead of my usual solo process where I spend too much time alone, procrastinating. It’s a great group and everyone has really got stuck in and been generous with their stories and personal manifestos/issues. My only regret has been that I haven’t been in the rehearsal room as much as the others, as I have also had to be at work. So my experience of the process and my input has been a little limited and, as a result, I’m not in it much. But, as with any political movement, we need foot soldiers as well as leaders, right?

The piece we’re making is a reflection on protest. Why we protest, what we fight for and what modern day protest looks like. It’s pretty angry and as Alex Kelly pointed out today, without irony. There isn’t much in the way of light relief. We’re mainly female and so obviously, that comes through in the work. For a lot of us it’s a genuine call for change. After all, there’s a lot to be angry about right now but also, it feels like a good time to make ourselves heard. Like maybe more people are speaking up and out.

I hope, even if they don’t agree with (all of) the points we are making that it will stir people to question what they are willing to stand up for.

My costume

My costume

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