The Sound of Loneliness? Part 2

Making One I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about loneliness, the sounds, the places, the qualities of time spent alone and I’ve thought about how I capture this process.  Below is text transcribed and then edited (let’s be honest) from a recording made in the rehearsal room late August 2012.
I’m at the Carriageworks; today, I am in Room 2. I’ve not been in this room before. I like Room 3, next door, on the corner. It’s a little bit smaller… I don’t really know why I like it, I just, I like it. When I first walked in there I had a really good feeling about it. In a way that I didn’t have about Room 5, where I was before that. Cos that feels like a more formal space. It feels less like a rehearsal space and more like a meeting space that’s been divided in to two. Whereas Room 3 and indeed Room 2 feel a lot more like a rehearsal room. 
It’s not carpeted for a start. 
I quite like the exposed brick work and that fact that I can see the roof beams and those kind of things. That’s quite nice. There’s a really creepy kind of, I guess it’s probably newsprint or something, but there’s a hand print on the notice board on the wall opposite the windows. 
It’s very bright. I’m having to squint. The sun is very bright over the Town Hall, streaming through the windows which are facing out on to Great George Street and the water features down below.
Yeah, it’s quite echoey because of this big exposed roof, I guess. And, it’s pretty noisy. I mean the windows are quite old. They’re kind of big sash windows and they rattle when big lorries go past, and I imagine in the winter they’re quite drafty but because it’s been such a gloriously sunny day today and they are three enormous windows, down the right hand side of the room, that it’s actually been really, really warm in here most of the day.
The sound of the traffic is pretty constant. It’s a busy road outside. And there’s that grate, I think, it must be a grate that the cars go over periodically and it makes a sort of “clank-clank” noise as the front and back wheels go over it. And that’s also kind of an intermittent but repetitive sound.
There’s the occasional siren. I guess that partly to do with being close to the hospital but I suppose sirens are familiar sounds within any city centre. I can’t hear many voices. People are making their way home at the end of the day now. Lots more people wandering up and down, mostly in ones and twos… I can’t hear voices.
There’s a siren.
I don’t hear much form the rest of the building. I occasionally hear the jingle of keys as the Duty Manager does their rounds. I think there was supposed to be some other people in the building today, in the other rooms. I think there was supposed to be somebody in Room 3 which why I am not in Room 3 today but their names have been crossed out on the sign outside. I certainly haven’t heard anyone other than what sounded like the Duty Manager moving around. I certainly haven’t heard any groups of people, haven’t heard any voices in the corridor.
It’s been like that a lot when I’ve been here over the summer. It’s been very quiet. I guess as there’s not been as many shows, there’s not been companies in. There’s been the odd conference, I think, but they’ve usually been on a different floor to me. So it’s weird….
I just heard somebody giggling. Think it might be coming from outside.
I can hear a low hum. I think it might be the air conditioning. Or it could just be the fluorescent lights. ..
It’s a quite a long thin rectangular room with a big empty space in the middle that I’m supposed to be filling. Feels like a lot of pressure.  I’ve spent most of today with my back to the room, pretending it wasn’t there. Or maybe pretending I’m not here… I don’t know. No, I think it’s the first one. I think I’m pretending that this big empty space isn’t here. It feels like a lot of space to fill, with just me.
It’s really hard. It’s REALLY hard. I’ve got all these words buzzing round in my head… all these thoughts. And then of course there’s the sound of the cogs turning in the tape machine…
There’s a lot more people outside now. A lot more voices. A lot more traffic. It’s the end of the day. And it’s time to go home.

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