The sound of loneliness?

I’m thinking about sound for this Scratch. In particular the sound of loneliness.

Is it the lack of something or someone? Or is it the sound of the thing/person that you are separated from? Is it the noise inside your head when you can’t stop thinking about someone you can’t have? Or is it a noisy room full of laughter when you feel so sad?

Where are we most lonely and what does that place sound like?

In my first Scratch during Emerge I talked a little about the loneliness of being on a stage alone for the first time. At First in Three (Scratch number two) I talked about the use of tape and documentation/playback during the process and as I get further in to it, spending more and more time alone in big echoey rooms I’ve been thinking more and more about the sound of the rehearsal room and the empty space I am supposed to fill…

Today I’ve got toys and ways of capturing that. Now as Scratch number three approaches I’m thinking about playback, sound quality, presentation and aesthetics.

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