This post is long overdue…

I must have started this some time in the week of the 22 August and it is now November. It is so long ago that I have no idea why I hesitated to post it at the time. Hmmm… Anyway. For all four of my followers – here it is!

Making The Reservation – we’re in week two now so perhaps this post is long overdue. The deed is almost done. Tomorrow is the last day of rehearsals for now…

But it’s been good, really good. Not easy but good. The piece has changed dramaticially since we scratched it at ARC and at Sunday Lunch Club in July. Many of the themes remain and the heart of the piece while having shifted is still an investigation in to grief, the sufferers of and the suffering from grief.

Will I still be dressed as an Elephant? Maybe, maybe not. Will I spend hours crying in a bathroom… No. Thankfully. I’m really not sure my throat could withstand it. Then again, I may not be ‘in’ it at all.

It will be a repectful and tender performance for one person at a time which I hope people will love. I am immensly proud to have been a part of it.

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