Reading a recent Third Angel post in which Alex talks about the Inspiration Exchange a few sentences struck a cord;

“Performance in as much as we know whats going to happen and they dont; or, at least, we know more about whats going to happen than they do. We dont know what theyre going to do or say. We hope that they will do or say more than they would have expected, had we told them in advance, what was going to happen.

Their interaction is what makes the work. It cannot even be properly rehearsed without an audience member sitting opposite. Making the performance involves making the space in which the audience member is allowed – encouraged – to be active, be open, be creative. A space in which they feel comfortable enough to think about things, talk about things that at, say, 10 o’clock that morning, they hadnt thought about for days, weeks, even years.”
What struck me is that this is exactly how I feel about The Reservation. Ellie and I were recently asked to discuss our process and the intentions behind the piece for a zine I Stood Up And I Said Yeah and I wish I had been as eloquent as Alex. 
You can read the whole post on the Third Angel blog.

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