Yes, Miss Kearney!

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Publicity image

So, this week I am going to be ‘teaching’. Which is very new to me and a little bit daunting and TOTALLY EXCITING.

Ellie and I have been invited to run a session with second year English & Theatre students at University of Leeds on our one-to-one performance The Reservation.

This is great for a number of reasons:

1) It’s always good to push ourselves (myself), try new things and hopefully learn something

2) The fact that we have been invited by a fantastic woman, Helen Iball, who taught me a lot on my own degree (many years ago) makes this even more special (and not a little pressured)

3) It’s always great to have an excuse to hang out with Ellie Harrison, another excellent woman

4) The best thing is having the chance to revisit this work that I am so unbelievably proud of. The Reservation is very expensive to tour and so we didn’t get the chance to share it with as many people as we would have liked. This workshop means we can explore elements of the piece and the process that we feel so passionate about.

I can’t wait.

Do you think I can ask them to call me Miss Kearney?


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